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Meet2Match 2015 – Brokerage Event in energy, environment, wood and food sectors in Hungary

Meet2Match 2015 – Brokerage Event in energy, environment, wood and food sectors in Hungary

Dear Partners,

We are pleased to inform you of Meet2Match2015 Brokerage Event in energy, environment, wood and food sectors in Hungary, please visit the official web page of the event:

Enterprise Europe Network office Győr hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron County will organise the event on 7th and 8th of October 2015 in Győr, together with the University of West-Hungary and ATEKNEA Solutions.

We would very much appreciate if you agree to join us in the organizational activities and promote the event among the companies from your region, we already have registered participants from 6 countries with co-organisers from 8 countries.

The brokerage event offers a great opportunity to companies working in the energy, environment, wood or food sector to find new business partners, explore new market potentials and increase competitiveness and visibility on international markets.

Besides participants from the industry, academic institutes and for-profit research centres are welcome to facilitate business, R&D cooperation and technology-transfer on international level.

Information about the event has been placed on the EEN event calendar:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on!

Belgrade Investment Days – New investment meeting point of East and West

21-22. September 2015.

Belgrade Investment Days – New investment meeting point of East and West

Belgrade Investment Days is a unique platform that links international investors and attractive projects in Serbia and South East Europe. The Inaugural Conference will be held on 21-22. September 2015. in Belgrade and it will bring together over 300 representatives of the investment community from Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, China and Turkey. The focus of investors are large infrastructure projects of the City of Belgrade, the projects of public institutions and other local governments, investment and cooperation opportunities in the private sector as well as companies in the privatization process.

Belgrade Investment Days is the new meeting place for the investment community and the new address that will generate opportunities for success in the region.  For further information, and registration for participating to conference, please visit:

There will be no participation fee!

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce are glad to announce the newly established Annual investment program Serbia and South East Europe, Belgrade Investment Days and cordially invite you to participate at the main meeting that will take place on 21– 22. September 2015., at the Grand Hall of the National Assembly in the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade.

Belgrade Investment Days will showcase several types of projects:

  • Public institutions – projects from the City of Belgrade, plus other cities and municipalities, some of which are already wholly or partially budgeted. Investors and partners are invited to discuss infrastructure projects, municipal and commercial waste and waste water treatment, real estate development, transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy via ESCO and Public Private Partnerships.
  • Private projects – individual companies will showcase projects from various sectors including construction, industry, agricultural and agribusiness, IT, energy, tourism sector and others.
  • Companies to be privatised – there is an ongoing process of privatization of some remaining social and public companies in the Republic of Serbia. There are still almost 200 companies yet to be privatised.

The City of Belgrade, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the Central European Development Forum (CEDEF) are the organisers of this innovative Annual Investment Programme which connects East and West, bringing both the business and financial community in direct contact with each other.

Belgrade Investment Days is targeting investors and banks, investment funds, operators of utilities and technology vendors, services companies, individual companies looking for market expansion outsourcing of production, IT, energy and water investments.

For further information, and registration for participating to conference, please visit:

There will be no participation fee!

We will be glad to see you at Belgrade Investment Days!


A symbolic place for Europe: EU to invest over €78 million in the border region of Austria and Hungary

Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Crețu said: “It is a very symbolic border in Europe. When Hungary started to remove its barbed wire fence with Austria in May 1989, history was made. Now, over 25 years later, we are trying to remove some of the remaining cross-border obstacles. With this new Interreg programme, we will be able step up the level of cooperation in several areas, from environmental actions to new border crossings, in order to make life better for citizens and businesses in this border region.”

The programme will address some of the remaining border issues. It has a strong environmental focus with emphasis on the management of joint natural spaces, from projects preserving biodiversity in national parks along the border to actions helping develop the common natural and cultural heritage.

Another strong focus lies on better cross-border connections, on better accessibility to trans-European transport networks and on the creation of new border crossings. The governments of Hungary and of the Austrian region of Burgenland have recognized investment in road and rail as a priority.

The new EU supported cooperation programme will also finance regional and local initiatives to foster closer legal and administrative cooperation, from language learning to joint labour market actions. Finally, the programme will help develop cross-border business schemes for SME and invest directly in the local economy.

The overall programme budget amounts to €95,870,027 with a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund of €78,847,880.


The programme area for “Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary” covers the Austrian (NUTS 3) regions Nordburgenland, Mittelburgenland and Südburgenland, Niederösterreich Süd, Wiener Umland/Südteil, Wien, Graz and Oststeiermark and the Hungarian regions Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas and Zala.

The funding breakdown of the five priorities of the programme and some expected results are:

  1. Protecting the Environment and Promoting Resource Efficiency (31% of the EU-funding allocation, or 24 691 650): This priority includes a broad range of environmental actions, aiming at a common approach to protect the region’s natural assets and its shared resources. Among the expected results: improved conservation degree of Natura 2000 sites (100.000 ha), better chemical and ecological condition of cross-border water bodies and increased attractiveness for green tourism.
  2. Promoting Sustainable Transport and Removing Bottlenecks in Key Network Infrastructures (30% of the EU-funding allocation, or EUR 23 447 250). The objective is to improve cross-border connectivity and accessibility as well as to foster the shift to environmental-friendly transport modes. Actions include new road and rail linkages from the identified nodes to the main transport corridors crossing the programme region. Among the expected results: more road border crossings, decreased travel time to TEN-T network and better public transport.
  3. Enhancing Institutional Capacity and an Efficient Public Administration (24% of the EU-funding allocation, or EUR 18 998 758). This priority aims at enhancing the cooperation intensity and strengthening the cross-border integration, in order to make the best use of existing regional resources. Through supported actions, the programme not only intends to support knowledge exchange, but also to launch an important learning-process: communicating despite the language barrier, reflecting usual standards and processes, training abilities to negotiate despite diverging opinions and finding compromises.
  4. Fostering the competitiveness of SME (9% of the EU-funding allocation, or EUR 6 979 350). This priority targets the Strengthening regional entrepreneurship, the performance of start-ups and the innovation capacities of SMEs with a focus on the development of internationally competitive products.
  5. An additional 4.7 million euro (EU-funding) will be provided for technical assistance.

More information:

Cooperation between regions and countries

Twitter: @EU_Regional @CorinaCretuEU #CohesionPolicy

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Hungary – Small nation with great inventors

Slovakia – Big small country

Bulgaria – Country of Roses

Serbia – Gate of East and West

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